Rev. Lin McGee

Pastor Lin is presently serving the Eagle Rock Church in Thomaston, CT, as Pastor, Minister of Music, and Pianist.  She is part of their husband / wife pastoral ministry team with her husband, Pastor David McGee.

Pastor Lin is the mom of eleven children and five step-children, the grandma to thirty-three little (and not so little) ones, and the great-grandma of six.

She and Pastor David's sons Jim (Army) and Dan (Marines) serve our country in the War on Terror with the United States Military.  Each son has (thus far) completed a tour of duty in Operation Enduring Freedom, and; Jim has completed two tours of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom; Dan has completed one tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom.   

To honor their service and that of all who have served past and present, Pastor Lin has founded the first Chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. in Connecticut -- the Connecticut Blue Star Mothers, CT Chapter One.  She works among the other mothers as President, Pastor, Blue to Gold Officer, VAVS Rep, Veterans Service Coordinator, Media Manager, Patriot Guard Riders Rep, Patriotic Instructor, and Website Manager. 

She serves the national organization, the Blue Star Mothers of America Inc.  within Connecticut as the Connecticut State Liaison for the Chapters and the Connecticut State VAVS Rep.  On the national level, she serves the BSMoA in the capacity of National Chaplain.  Previously she has served as the National Patriotic Instructor. 

Pastor Lin is the Connecticut State Chaplain for the Missing In America Project  which is organizing members nation wide to locate, identify, and inter the remains of our nation's veterans (and their families) who have been cremated, yet unclaimed for burial.    

Though a 'cager' and not a 'rider', Pastor Lin is a proud member of the Patriot Guard Riders and the Connecticut Patriot Guard Riders.   She is also a proud member of the American War Mothers    

Along with her mother, Norma, she is a Lifetime Member of the VFW Post #296 Ladies Auxiliary in Winsted, CT.  They are proud to belong to the Post through the foreign war service of Pastor Lin's father, James Funk, in WWII; Pastor David's service in Vietnam; and Jim and Dan's service in the War On Terror.  Pastor Lin serves the Post's Ladies Auxiliary in the capacity of Chaplain and also Patriotic Instructor.

 If you are a 'stitcher' (either hand or machine), Pastor Lin would very much appreciate your help with a project that she is a part of which gives embroidered memorials to the families of the fallen.  Pastor Lin is the State Rep for Connecticut, New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana -- and also the district, Washington, DC.  If you stitch (hand or machine) and would like to join the project, please contact Pastor Lin at  or  placing 'Stitching For The Fallen' in the subject line.  To find out more about the project itself, go to the following websites:

'American Soldiers Memorial Project' website -- it is for hand stitchers, but is the sister site of the machine stitchers website.
'No Soldier Left Behind' website -- it is for machine stitchers, but it has a lot of information and pictures for both.

If you knit or crochet, prayers shawls, prayer cloths, and lap robes are very much needed for the Gold Star Families; winter hats, lap robes, and gloves are very much needed for our veterans; and dark colored hats and scarfs are very much needed for our troops.  The Connecticut Blue Star Mothers and the Precious Stars gift these items to our heroes and their families.

To serve the Lord faithfully as she ministers to our military and veteran families, Pastor Lin is affiliated with Military Ministry and Christian Military Fellowship  If you have any difficulty reaching these ministries or live in the New England area and would like resources from these ministries, please contact Pastor Lin at

Pastor Lin is the founder and pastoral director of the international women's ministry:  Women of Ministry / Women of Faith International.    and of the military / veteran support ministry Precious Stars     She co-founded and serves Faith and Life Ministries International with Pastor David  

Pastor Lin loves music and has recently finished her work on the Hymnal Committee for the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.  Hymns for a Pilgrim People: A Congregational Hymnal, which was published in June of 2007 and has sold over 8,000 copies.   She is also a member of the NACCC National Choir. 

She has authored devotional studies, prayers, workshop literature, poems, sacred musical presentations, and retreat programs.  She has written patriotic informational articles for the BSMoA, a contributing chapter for an upcoming military family book, and is working on her own book in relation to mothers of the military which will include original music, prayers, poems, and inspirational thoughts.  She loves birds, butterflies, and people.  She is a musician, Christian clown, and loves to do hand crafts.  PASTOR LIN DOES NOT COOK!

The following is part of Pastor Lin's bio:

Pastor Lin Is A Member - Of The Ordained Clergy - With:

  • The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (Oak Creek, WI)
  • The Fellowship of Connecticut Congregational Christian Churches (Hartford, CT)
  • Eagle Rock Congregational Church (Thomaston, CT)
  • JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church  (Winsted, CT -- mission church of West Gulfport Baptist Church, Gulfport Mississippi)

Pastor Lin's Ordination Has Been Recorded In The Permanent Records Of:

  • The West Coast Congregational Library (Los Angeles, CA)
  • The Congregational Library (Boston, MA)
  • The Congregational Library (Oak Creek, WI)
  • The Hartford Seminary (West Hartford, CT)
  • The First Church of Winsted  (Winsted, CT)
  • The First Congregational Church of Otis (Otis, MA)
  • The New Boston Congregational Church (New Boston, MA) 

Pastor Lin Presently Serves In The Following Ministry Capacities:

  • Co-Pastor, Eagle Rock Congregational Church
  • Music Director/Pianist, Eagle Rock Congregational Church
  • Co-Pastor,  JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church  (Winsted, CT)
  • Co-Founder, Faith and Life Ministries (Winsted, CT)
  • Team TV Ministry Program Provider with David McGee for: 'A Message From God' (Cable 13, Winsted, CT area; Cable 5, Torrington, CT area)
  • TV Ministry Program Provider for: 'Women's Faith Time' (Cable 13, Winsted, CT area; Cable 5, Torrington, CT area)
  • Founder,  'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith'  INTERNATIONAL
  • Member, National Association New Hymnal Committee  (Oakcreek, WI)
  • Member, NACCC National Choir
  • Member, Missions Committee (CT Fellowship)
  • Member, Christian Education Committee (CT Fellowship)
  • Board of Directors, The Church in The Wildwood (Colebrook, CT)
  • Board of Directors, Asian Faith Mission of India (Kerala, India)
  • Board of Directors, Agape Children's Home (Kerala, India)

Pastor Lin Was Selected For and Has Received The Following Awards/Recognitions:

  • Award, Alumni Of The Year for Outstanding Achievements 2004, Northwestern Connecticut Community College (Winsted, CT)
  • Recognition/Award, Given to the Top Three Outstanding Students of Bible and Theology Class of 1997 -- Granted Through 'Interpretation', A Journal of Bible and Theology -- Per Recommendation of The Faculty of The Hartford Seminary (West Hartford, CT)
  • Membership, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
  • Membership, Empire Who's Who (Mineola, NY)
  • Membership, Madison Who's Who (Long Island City, NY)
  • Membership, American Association of Christian Counselors (Forest, VA)
  • Freedom Team Salute Certificate of Appreciation and Army Parent Pin from the US Army in July 2005 for outstanding support as a military parent, the support of Soldiers fighting the Global War on Terrorism, and contributions and personal sacrifices in preserving freedom and the security of our Nation.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for support of the 443rd CAB serving in the Iraqi Theatre and around the world in America's Global War on Terrorism; from, 443rd Civil Affairs Battalion Operation Iraqi Freedom COB Speicher, Iraq; United States Army.
  • President's Volunteer Service Award and Pin from President George W. Bush for serving over 5,000 volunteer hours in ministry, mission, and the support of our military, veterans, their families, and the families of the fallen.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the United States President's Council on Service and Civic Participation in recognition of commitment to strengthening our Nation.
  • Certificate of Recognition from the Connecticut Blue Star Mothers of the United States President's Call to Service Award for over 5000 volunteer hours given in the area of 'International Service'. 
  • Crtificate of Appreciation, Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. in recognition of outstanding accomplishments, dedicated service, and commitment to excellence as Patriotic Instructor, 2009-2010.
  • Recognition trophy presented at the 68thy Annual Convention of the Blue Star Mothers of America, In. for outstanding commitment to the duties of National Patriotic Instructor.
  • Freedom Team Salute Certificate of Appreciation and Army Pin from the US Army in December 2010 for outstanding contributions to the United States Army and personal sacrifices made to preserve the freedom and security of our Nation.

Pastor Lin's Fields of Studies Include:

  • Northwestern Connecticut Community College (Winsted, CT) --  AS Degree in Human Services, 1984
  • Charter Oak College (Hartford, CT) -- BS Degree in Psychology,  1987
  • The Consultation Center Of the CT Mental Health Center and Department of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine (New Haven, CT) -- Training in counseling interventions in sexual assault, 1984
  • Susan B. Anthony Project for Women (Torrington, CT) -- Training in violence, crisis intervention, advocacy, counseling, 1984
  • Northwestern Connecticut Community College (Winsted, CT) -- Study of Sign Language and Deafness, 1987-1989
  • Tantur Institute (Jerusalem, Israel) -- Study program in/on the Holy Land and Faiths, 1990
  • United Church of Christ, Litchfield North Association (Goshen, CT) -- Completion of Studies for Master of Divinity Equ., 1995
  • Hartford Seminary (West Hartford, CT) -- Masters of Arts Degree in Religious Studies, 1996
  • Hartford Seminary (West Hartford, CT) -- Certificate in Black Ministries Program, 1996
  • Hospice Foundation of America, Teleconference (Pittsfield, MA) -- Living With Grief: At Work, At School, At Worship, 1999

Pastor Lin is Skilled in The Following Areas of Ministry:

  • Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Liturgical / Sacred Writing
  • Women's Ministries
  • Hospice and Bereavement
  • Music, Dance, Flag, and Artistic Ministries
  • Christian Counseling and Crisis Intervention
  • Disabilities Ministries
  • Military / Troop Ministries
  • Veterans Ministries
  • Military Families Ministries
  • Christian Clowning
  • Worship, Worship Resources and Retreats



111 Marshall Street   Winsted, CT   06098 




Rev. David and Rev. Lin McGee

  111 Marshall St. Winsted, CT 06098

PHONE:  860-379-1298

Pastor David: mcgeedvd@sbcglobalnet              Pastor Lin:  

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